Raheem Runs Rampant

Hello, and welcome back to everyone’s least favorite event in the footballing calendar, the international break. But maybe not anymore? Although this event still removes us from the thrill and excitement of the Premier League and the Champions League, the break now is for something, qualification. The Euros are approaching fast and the majority of England fans are already warming up their voices for another rendition of “It’s Coming Home” with high chances to make your ears bleed. But enough of that let’s talk about a more pressing issue in football, and he plays in sky blue and is most likely younger than you. That’s right you guessed it Raheem Sterling. Quickly I am going to quickly address the amazing transformation of Sterling under Pep, a really incredible story, but today we look at what he is doing right now. Scoring. With three goals against Czech Republic and one against Montenegro, he is truly on fire. Although he wasn’t the front of England’s front three’s prong he was certainly a thorn in the side (see what I did there) of both of the sides England played. He has clearly been playing the best football of his life and if he continues maybe your ears will bleed through the out of tune choruses of “It’s Coming Home.”