Lucas Hernandez, Who is he and is he worth £68m?

Welcome back! I am not going to lie it has been a while so I thought that I would start with some small(ish) news. Today I am going to be talking briefly about 23 year old world cup winner Lucas Hernandez. As a centre back/left back for Athletico Madrid his astonishing price tag places him second on the slot for the most expensive defenders of all time, after Virgil Van Dijk of course. He is due to join Bundesliga powerhouses Bayern Munich in the summer. Hernandez has racked up 67 La Liga appearances as well as 15 international appearances for France including playing in their successful World Cup campaign. Now is he worth it, well due to the fact that I don’t watch much of the La Liga it is hard for me to say but what I do know is that he is going to have to make a great impression to live up to being the most expensive player in Bundesliga history.