Who is the best QB in the NFL?

The NFL is well underway and one of the most exciting battles is of the quarter backs. Many QBs have performed extremely well but two have stood out. The two who I am talking about are from the two 5 and 0 teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs are looking incredible and this could be down to the quarter backs. These two are Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff.

First we are going to talk about the young, exciting Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes plays fast, aggressive, exciting American Football player. He is dynamic when he moves around in the pocket he looks like one of the most confident players in the league. He has a powerful which is very accurate. This allows him to sling passes to his more than capable teammates. He has helped make the Chiefs the highest scoring offence in the NFL so far this season.

On the other hand we have one of the breakout stars of last season Jared Goff. His confidence in the pocket is unnerving for any team playing against him. He is always good to watch as he always seems to be able to pick out the right pass at the right time. Jared Goff at the is unstoppable.

So which one is the best? You have to look no further than stats in this situation so here they are.

In terms of passing yards, Goff takes this one as he has passed for 1727 yards whereas Mahomes has only only passed for 1513 yards. Goff also passes more yards per game with 345.4 yards to 302.6 yards. They have both been sacked 6 times. Goff has more 20+ and 40+ yard passes. On the other hand Goff has thrown 4 interceptions to Mahomes’ 2. Also Mahomes has thrown 14 touchdowns to Goff’s 12.

Looking at these stats now it is clear that Goff is better and is more consistent but look in a few years, when Mahomes has gained some more experience then we will see if it is the same result.