Liverpool’s Last Chance?

With the season rapidly gathering pace it is clear that one of the powerhouses of this season’s campaign, is the mighty reds of Liverpool. With them having such a successful season last season (although no trophies) the question on everyone’s lips was, “will they be able to replicate this?”


Well not only have they replicated it but they are looking like a better team than ever. The explosive pace of Mane and Salah. The neat finishing of Firmino. The off-the-scale workrate from Milner and the the rock solid defending of Van Dijk caps it all off as a good team in all areas. This is shown by their convincing start to the season, by winning every game, only matched by Chelsea. Is this Liverpool’s one chance at this? No, not in my opinion. If they win the Premier League and progress to a decent place in the Champions League. They will stamp down their authority as a world class side, which is hard to beat. This will then give them the platform to attract big players and keep the stars they have now. Do you agree. DM me on Instagram @jamiesportsblog to day your opinion.