The Perfect Game: Points System

As a new series to revamp my blog I am going to take a look at the most popular sports and what they have in common. Throughout this series I am going to use the similarities of the greatest games to create “The Perfect Game!”

The first post is going to be on the points system. There are many different systems used in sports, for example: football-(obviously) one goal equals one point, rugby-one try equals five points plus the conversion making it seven points, American football-six points for the touch-down and one point for the field goal, tennis-15, 30, 40, (ad), game, set, match and also golf-get the ball in the hole in less shots than the par.

My solution would be to create a hole new points system altogether. My concept is to have two zones. In the first zone, closest to the goal equals one point, the further away zone equals two points. If you put the ball into the net from in that zone, each zone would be a half of the pitch.

The alternative idea is to have headers and volleys to equal double points but that is a weak idea as you would have to have full time referees to stop controversy.

For the sport I am going to stick with the first idea. I hope that you follow and enjoy this series and stay tuned for the next post!