The Winner of the World Cup 2018 is…

The world cup starts today so what is a more fitting way to start it off that trying to answer the question on everyone’s lips, who will take home the trophy?

Personally one of my favorite parts of the World Cup is the predictions side of it, so that is precisely what I have done, I have predicted the result from every game and seen the outcome to give my prediction of who is going to win. From shock exits like Argentina and Uruguay and big upsets like Senegal. It is packed with everything you need for a great world cup. But who will win it? Germany are strong favorites, people think Spain have a shout. Some are even considering Portugal after their Euro success. But one team for me stands out like a sore thumb. That is the one and only France!

If you scroll down my Instagram feed there is a screenshot of a tweet which showed all of the amazing French players not included. This list consisted of the likes of Benzema, Payet, Martial, Laporte and many more. Keep in mind those are the players who missed out so there squad must be strong. As well as that their squad is young so if they don’t win this year, they will in 2022.

Overall they seem like strong contenders and may win it. Vive La France.