Nations League Explained

Now I am going to do this as quickly, as concisely and as easy to understand as possible. Just keep in mind I am still trying to get my head around this so if any of this is wrong I apologise, but. Oh well…

So what I understand this is another way for smaller teams to qualify for bigger tournaments, Euro’s, World Cup. This also to me seems like they want to follow in the footsteps of cricket and trying to make national football as important as the league system. Although the World Cup is undoubtedly the biggest competition in football, all the money being pump into the league system it is hard to look the wealth and huge competitiveness of the league. Especially the fact that a £300 million bid somehow seems imminent.

Now onto it. The group stages are taking place in September, October and November on various weekends replacing friendlies. Which are frankly boring, so we can all be grateful there is now a bit of competition in place. There are four leagues each one with 3 or 4 groups. The finals take place in June over 5 days. Now this is where is gets confusing-is there an ultimate final between all leagues, then where is it. Is there just a winner of each league? If so if you win the league do you qualify for a major tournaments? Or do I have to win the ultimate final to qualify? Also I am wandering will the bigger teams, the ones in League 1, are they going to send their U21 because they are not worried about qualification?

I this they are trying to make international footy more important and going to give smaller nations a chance. On the whole I am quite excited for this!