EPL Opinions: Game Week 25

As I am writing this, big news was just revealed, the Sanchez, Mhiker…Ok for the purpose of this post I will call him Henrik, because if I have to look up how to spell Mkhitaryan one more time…Well you know what I mean. Now back to business, the Sanchez, Henrik debacle is over and Swansea vs Liverpool is about to start. You can follow the action on my Twitter-@JamieSportsBlog.

The main reason for this though is to take a short look back at last weekend’s action then forward to this weekend’s games. One of the surprising match-ups was Southampton vs Spurs, considering the boxing day game finished 5-2 to Tottenham another walk-over was expected. Then the unthinkable happened, Saints took the lead as Sanches placed the ball into the back of his own net. Then in the South-Coast teams classic fashion, they let Spurs break through a mere three minutes later. Harry Kane grabbed the goal leaving him stranded on 99 Premier League goals. Spurs hit the post but were unable to make the break-through as it finished 1-1. This leaves the reds stranded in the bottom three. In my opinion a sacking is in order. If you look at all the newly appointed managers this season they have all down well, except Pardew. That is a huge amount considering the eight sacked managers the latest of which was Marco Silva from Watford who were 10th. So, it has got to be time for a change, hasn’t it?

Looking ahead to next weekend where the FA cup takes over for another weekend. There may not be a huge game, but everyone will be hoping for a giant killing as Spurs take on Newport.

Finally, on Sanchez, Henrik, they are both set to be assets to their new teams, but it is clear Man Utd came off with the better deal. Sanchez seems like a much better player and is worth a lot more that Henrik. I suppose the disruptiveness of Sanchez does take his worth down from Arsenal’s point of view. The fact the gunners want to buy Aubameyang Arsenal’s attack looks fast and lethal.