World of Football- Gossip: Game Week 7

What has happened in football this week? What may happen in the future? In this new series we will discuss all the gossip from the World of Football. Also look out for a new weekly podcast starting hopefully this Tuesday!

Let’s start with some very recent news, who will be the new Scotland manager. Earlier today (12th October) Gordon Strachan resigned from his job as Scotland head coach and all the speculation is who will take over from him. Well, a lot of gossip has been flying around and the main candidates seem to have been narrowed three people (David Moyes, Paul Lambert and Malky Mackay), but the one we are going to take a look at is David Moyes after not doing anything after Real Sociedad but could this be his ticket back after his disappointing last few months. We will just wait and see!

Someone who doesn’t seem to want to find his way back into football is former Man Utd legend Paul Scholes who has turned down a management offer from Oldham. Although Scholes, 42, was a huge Oldham town fan as kid, has no interest in taking the job.

Finally the PSG chairman is under investigation under investigation for trying to sell media rights to many different countries.

Let everyone look forward to this weekend and good luck to you and your team.