Relegation Scrap gets Heated


After Saturday’s fixtures the bottom of the table has got messy. Swansea’s brilliant 1-0 victory over Everton takes them out of the relegation zone and on 35 points nearing the illusive 40-point margin. Swansea were helped immensely after Hull dropped points at home to already relegated Sunderland; the 2-0 loss may have come as a surprise to some Tigers fans as they were on such a good run of form. A goal from Billy Jones and an injury time strike from Jermaine Defoe sealed the deal. Getting dragged back into the scrap is Crystal Palace after a thumping 5-0 defeat to Man City. This leaves them on 38 points and with two games left may struggle to make 40 points. Middlesbrough are playing Chelsea on Monday in a must win game and Chelsea needing a win to seek premier league victory. If Middlesbrough lose they are relegated so no pressure.


          Who will go down? With Sunderland already down the question on everybody’s lips is who else will go down? Let’s start with Middlesbrough, if they lose a game they go down. If Swansea win they go down. If they draw twice they go down. So even if they win all three games, one which is Chelsea, they are down. Now the other team; I think that Hull will go down. Although they had a good run of form the loss to Sunderland was poor and their goal difference is so bad that even if they are on level points with Swansea they will go down.